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X - Spark

X-spark is a 4-player co-op 2.5D Action Platformer

Each player has an assigned color and so does the Mothership, the arc reactors and the wall barriers. They are only vulnerable to the player of the similar color. On top of that the Mothership and both the arc reactors never have the same color at any given point of time. The players have infinite lives but they can only be re-spawned by another player. These situations force the players to talk and cooperate with each other and they must coordinate their attacks in order to defeat the Mothership.

X-Spark was built using Unreal Engine.


As the Game and Level Designer, I worked with other team members to come up with the game concept and core game mechanics. I laid out the entire level and added all the art assets along with lighting and some VFX.

As the Programmer on the game, I used blueprints, behavior trees, target points and navmesh to implement the movement and shooting for three different types of enemies. I was also responsible for re-spawning of the characters, enemies and barriers. Along with it, I assisted in implementing the color change for the Mothership and the arcs and making sure that none of them have the same color at any given point of time.


Find Target AI


Player Respawn


Drone Behavior Tree


Laser Mechanism


Barrier Mechanism

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